Natrol Cognium - 60 TAB

Brain health. Clinically shown to improve memory & recall (in healthy adults). Stimulant free. No. 1 most clinically studied ingredient for memory (among leading brain health supplement). How cognium memory sharpens your mind. Energizes: Increase blood flow and glucose uptake in the brain's centers for memory and cognition, as shown in a brain imaging study. Results were based on 200 mg taken twice daily for 3 weeks (in healthy adults). Protects: Acts like an antioxidant for your brain, shielding neurons from free radical damage and oxidative stress as suggested in an in vitro study (in healthy adults). Safe and Stimulant Free: Cognium Memory keeps your mind sharp and your memory strong. Cognium Memory is powered by a natural protein from silkworm cocoons. It has been shown to be effective in healthy adults in multiple human clinical trials. Clinical Results: Improved memory and performance. Memory recall efficiency score increased when 100 mg of the active ingredients in Cognium, was taken twice per day for three weeks by healthy adults. Results in 4 Weeks: Clinical studies showed statistically significant improvements in memory and recall in 4 weeks or less when taken as directed by health adults.