Head & Shoulders Shampoo, Dandruff, 3 Action Formula, Green Apple

Misc: Pyrithione zinc dandruff shampoo. Green apple with a lasting fresh scent. Flake free (visible flakes; with regular use). Up to 100% guaranteed (Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are not satisfied return this product with a proof of purchase for a refund via prepaid card. Call 1-800-843-354 for further details). 3 Action Formula: 1) Cleans - to remove oil and flakes. 2) Protects - scalp from dandruff. 3) Moisturizes - each hair strand from scalp to tip. No. 1 dermatologist recommended. Questions (or comments)? 1=800-723-9569. www.headahdshoulders.com. www.pg.com. Made in USA of US and/or imported ingredients.