VPK Soap, Herbal, Cedar Sandalwood

Pitta balancing. Cooling. It's All About Balance: True beauty is more than skin deep - it radiates from within. According to ayurveda there are three distinct mind-body types (doshas), known as vata, pitta and kapha (vpk). At Maharishi Ayurveda we embrace traditional ayurveda and synergistically blend our herbal ingredients according to this timeless wisdom, to create balance for mind and body. Our vpk herbal soaps are prepared with authentic ayurvedic ingredients designed to help nourish the skin. This pitta-balancing (cooling) formula is made with cedar oil and sandalwood oil for normal to sensitive skin. All-natural ingredients. No artificial fragrances. Maharishi Ayurveda. www.mapi.com. Product of India - land of the veda.