Genesis Today Organic Power - 32 Fl oz.

Power4 is a healthy and delicious way to start your day with a blend of four of the world’s most popular super fruits harvested from around the globe. This unique super fruit liquid includes mangos teen, the exotic fruit from the jungles of Southeast Asia sought after for its delicious taste and goji, the Asian "Happy Berry" from the Himalayas. We’ve also included acai, the Brazilian "Beauty Berry" from the Amazon Rainforest and noni, the earthy super fruit that grows in mineral rich soils of the South Pacific and supports detoxification. Power4 is flash pasteurized to maintain freshness and is vegetarian, gluten free, wheat free and certified organic. Genesis Today sources, formulates and tests this juice supplement for taste and quality to make sure it meets our standards and yours. Power4 is a delicious organic juice supplement for daily health made from four of the world’s most popular super fruits, including goji, acai, noni and mangos teen.