TwinLab Na-PCA, with Aloe Vera

Natural moisturizing factor in human skin. Keep skin fresh and hydrated for face and body. Non-oily. Non-comedogenic. Hypo-allergenic. Paraben free. Unscented. TwinLab Na-PCA is a PH-balanced, concentrated solution of the sodium salt of pyrrolidone carboxylic acid, a natural moisturizing factor found in human skin. Na-PCA is synthesized from glutamic acid, a nonessential amino acid. The skin contains natural moisturizers, the most important being Na-PCA. Old skin contains only about half the amount of Na-PCA as that found in young skin. The ability of skin to hold moisture is related to its Na-PCA content. It is water, and not oil, that keeps skin soft and supple. Na-PCA helps keep skin moisturized, improving its appearance and giving it a moist and youthful glow. This advanced formula has been combined with the highest quality aloe vera gel. Na-PCA with Aloe Vera provides quick relief from dry or cracked skin, shaving irritations, detergent rash and other minor skin irritations. Since it will not clog pores, you can feel comfortable using this natural moisture source in many ways to keep your skin fresh and hydrated: Use to moisturized under make-up or skin cream; Use under shaving cream for a smooth, nonirritating shave or after shaving for dry, sensitive skin; Keep spray in refrigerator to refresh and cool down on summer days.