Cleanlogic Soap Saver, Exfoliating

Bath & body. Raises the bar for those who love to lather. Feel the difference. Benefits: Let your favorite bar soap lather longer so you can maximize your suds to polish up dry, damaged cells and deep clean pores. As part of your dermatologist-recommended exfoliating routine, it'll leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, and healthy. Plus, antimicrobial product protection built into the soap saver works continuously to help prevent the growth of stain- and odor causing bacteria. Why we do it: Nothing feels as good as being nice and clean. But, for us, it's more than a feeling. It's the way we run our business, make our products, and treat our customers. (hey, that's you!). Brands with Braille. Product Size: 4.33 x 6.1 (in) / 11 x 15.5 (cm). Contents 1 piece. Animal test-free.